…And A Child Shall Lead Them


Through the mind of a child we see hope and wonder
Through their eyes we see beauty and awe
Their ears show us they are learning about their world
Through their olfactory we see their sense of home
Through the mouth of a child we hear them mature and question
And their arms shows us what they reach for
The legs of a child exhibits the path they have chosen
And their feet reveals their determination
Through the love of a child we understand why we are here
Oh, to be child-like in splendor and discovery will our days be complete


For Jennifer


She is light

Yet knows not her radiance
She is strength
never knowing her power

She is poetry
Movement by mere thought
She is a kindling flame
Warming you on a cold winter’s night

Her name is life
And she touched me years ago
Her name is  friend
And she never forgets

She is inspiration
By only waking each day
She builds my faith
By only waking each day

She is peace
For her heart is filled with Love
She is war
For her Love will never cease

She is a mother
she will be known before a greeting
She is hope
To your pleasure when you get a chance to meet her

She is the smile on my face
The calm in my toil
The dreams that are ahead
The VICTORY in my battle!

In time, Our time


I’ve been visited emotionally
and lost eternally

Resurrected in spirit
Inspired indefinitely

Led by a lilting voice
held by an ebullient heart

I have traversed a great distance to be with you
Broken laws and disobeyed order

Begged, borrowed and stolen
To feel your words on my ears

I have given all my possessions
For this one thing

Desired nothing more
Than this one moment

A moment I yet await
For we have yet to meet

Dancing in the Rain

hands bokeh condensation window panes tagnotallowedtoosubjective blurred 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wallpaperfo.com_72

The day spoke a foreboding caution to my quest
I acquiesced long enough for its torrent to subside
I reasoned with its deaf occupation
That my journey must proceed

The answer was a ray of hope
and an ultraviolet specter of what lay ahead
The nativity of neo animation
Sustenance for a wanting land

My patience waned
As my mind moved swiftly across the landscape of time
Is this moment purposed to venture?
or to ponder the vocation continually calling?

I step into the thick mass of air
immersed into its revitalizing cleanse
The past rolls from the oils of my skin
The future clings to me as a sodden embrace

Now discerning the instruction
I frolic deeper into the deluge
satiated by its restorative effect
Learning that dancing in the rain is part of the journey

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