…And A Child Shall Lead Them


Through the mind of a child we see hope and wonder
Through their eyes we see beauty and awe
Their ears show us they are learning about their world
Through their olfactory we see their sense of home
Through the mouth of a child we hear them mature and question
And their arms shows us what they reach for
The legs of a child exhibits the path they have chosen
And their feet reveals their determination
Through the love of a child we understand why we are here
Oh, to be child-like in splendor and discovery will our days be complete


Ripe for Harvest

I’ve walked the vineyards and my grapes are sweet
Tasting the tannins to come and the nose that defines

Believing that this harvest will be the best
I prune them with care and remove the imperfections

I measure the sugar and approve of their shade
How firm, how complex, how mature

This land is where I live and breathe
This passion, where I find my soul

My heart is here
Taste this vine

In time, Our time


I’ve been visited emotionally
and lost eternally

Resurrected in spirit
Inspired indefinitely

Led by a lilting voice
held by an ebullient heart

I have traversed a great distance to be with you
Broken laws and disobeyed order

Begged, borrowed and stolen
To feel your words on my ears

I have given all my possessions
For this one thing

Desired nothing more
Than this one moment

A moment I yet await
For we have yet to meet

Never Enough!

Leaving my desire, I walk where the path wonders at the sea
I see myself in the mirror of the smiles I am no longer carrying
I am there in the playful child, hands deep in the sand building castles
I am stumbling through the mole hills of sand, pail and shovel in hand

I breathe and take note of my thoughts
Do I not want to grow up or am I just longing for the careless
ooh that song! I increase the volume and continue my perambulation
A smell wafts from an overhead balcony, it takes me to Elm Street, my mother’s house

I am standing now on that balcony laughing, bobbing head to music
Comments made sends my body into a writhing laughter of dance
Lifting my libation, journaling the joy of my guests

My heart fails me for a moment as I look downward to regain composure
breath now impending, eyes blinking to dam the onslaught
“pick a better dance” I say to the wayfaring me
Deep breath, “Onward!”

There I am again, sitting around a beach fire telling stories of the road
The roads travelled together and apart
I am outside of the barn gazing into the flames daze in the comfort of friendship
Stick in hand, marshmallow blazing a sumptuously sticky concoction

The next track of music energizes my step, I am holding hands with my desired
There is no rest of vocal chords, all is new tho we be wrapped in years
Sharing everything coming to mind, lost in pools of forever, for a moment
Never a pretence of love and attraction, moved as I am by the couple passing by

Reaching as I am and finding most affinities, I question now my own desire
Have I not lived those lives and touched the hunger of my loneliness?
Eaten from the banquet table of life?

Yet insatiable…