Every Battle…Before it begins…


Smoke, dust and blood cloud the twilight
Recovering the dead of another day
Creating strategy for tomorrow
If I should live attack is imminent

I plot the position of the enemy
Seeking the access points
Holding sites, escape routes
Terrain is mountainous, treacherous like the enemy

I glean lessons from the days victories and losses
Understanding not only myself, but what I wage against
Fearless and faceless, reflections of a million souls
I, then; I myself; I, you against only a reflection

Contingencies in effect, Beta on ready
I again, in unrelenting thirst and spiritual resignation
Call to arms the dawn in like colors
Shedding the hues of my brothers’ canvassed terra firma

Every moment resembles this, my days have known no other
Every strategy accounts for loss
Each foray plots course through mine fields
Today is no different