When Love Changes

mended-heartThey sat at the dinning room table across from each other for hours as the sunlight retreated from the room. What was once love and laughter had turned to loathing and longing. The conversation was so paralyzing that neither could lift their arms to reach for the other to console their pain. His thoughts were of the woman who increased his heart rate and filled his days with thoughts of a lover and someone to share in his dreams. Her thought were of that strong confident man who would be a lover, a friend, a partner. That man she would walk through fire with, knowing things would be alright.

They were once inseparable, knowing the thoughts and direction that they would trek together. Making plans and moving in unison as a single heart, mind and soul. Friends would comment on their relationship as something of an annoyance, for they loved so deeply it made others uncomfortable. But as they reached the successes in their lives they found themselves growing apart. Yes, there was still love, respect and passion, but it was shifting from the relationship to themselves.

As tears fell upon the large oak table, under the high vaulted ceilings, in the multi-thousand square foot home, they were seeing each other for the first time. Again.

Two people who pledged a life together that would stand any test, that would never judge. Souls that would always feel the others pain and strive to support the other dreams Who would love this imperfect person perfectly, no matter the cost.

“Why couldnt I see that the woman who stood by me and supported me for so many years was slipping through my hands. Unfulfilled by my neglect and selfish need to be something greater than I was. She was all I wanted and needed. she was in every thought, idea and adventure I ever imagined. How?! how, how…?”, He struggled within his mind.

“I could have let him know I needed more from him. More attention and support in my endeavors. That I needed his touch and for him to listen without prejudice, to see that I needed more than to be a cheerleader on the sidelines. How could I have let the man that moved me to such depths of love walk so far in this journey without me? Why didn’t I tell him that he meant more to me than anything I could ever do alone? Why?! why, why…?” She relents.

Darkness now filled the room and still no words were spoken, yet neither moved away from the table. The sadness grew deeper and more painful with each passing moment. Finally, he stood and walked to the light switch and flipped it on. He stared at her with passion in his eyes that she hadn’t seen for years. She stood, gazing deeply into his eyes and into his soul. He felt her again. The butterflies returned and he realized there was no way he could ever walk away from her. She realized that their love had never left, but they left their love and she could never give this man up. He cried and sobbed out loud and she broke down with him, as they moved toward one another…


4 thoughts on “When Love Changes

  1. Svelte says:

    Ah, I’m happy about the ending. More times than not love is lost due to lack of communication.

  2. janimac says:

    knowing what’s really important! I mean really. I all so very much loved the ending. Thank you for sharing the heart.

  3. MissMangue says:

    You make believe in human been relationship. And changing is not a bad thing.

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