A Life To Live Again


To tell the tale of a man in jail seeking his freedom in earnest
I would begin from his trial, a great case and large file where guilty was the only verdict

He began with all honor and intention to follow the footsteps of none before
Then his eyes grew wide and so did his pride which led him confused and unsure

For all his ideals and convictions of zeal his life began to unravel
He could no longer see who he was meant to be and his mind like his ways became gravel

Many thoughts entered in and much to his chagrin he lost the vector of his being
so he wandered around not wanting to be found and became all that he was seeing

Some good some bad the things he wished he had were ghosts of all he had been through
And from where he began now so far from his land he was quite unsure where he was going to

He came up with a plan to be a better man yet failed his own expectations
And kept falling away till that one fateful day when life became incarceration

He stayed there a while bereft of a smile after all he had failed his society
He gazed through the bars and dreamt of the stars that would become his guide to liberty

As he escaped the commotion with a new-found devotion he could feel the air on his face
Looking as high as he can professing, “Here I am!” charting a course to an unknown place

He spied a sailboat tho barely afloat, he boarded and cast from the shore
He took out a chart now precious as art deciding no more decisions unsure

An archipelago awaited as his breath became baited he set his eyes on Orion
then set the sail his mind free from jail The winds took him with no denying

When he came to the beach thinking of all past beseeched he realized the gift in his hand
He opened to see it to embrace it to be it another chance for still the same man


8 thoughts on “A Life To Live Again

  1. Levon Johnson says:

    I can really relate to this. Love it and love you Brother

  2. Reblogged this on Love & Pain Collide and commented:
    This is incredible!

  3. janimac says:

    “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God almighty,we are free at last!” – MLK,J. Thank you Sterling for your way words of sharing such a powerful piece! Please never stop writing, for your words never stop inspiring me.

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