A Summer’s Squall


Shades of the day trickle down upon us

like droplets of rain

quenching the parched foliage


Never Enough!

Leaving my desire, I walk where the path wonders at the sea
I see myself in the mirror of the smiles I am no longer carrying
I am there in the playful child, hands deep in the sand building castles
I am stumbling through the mole hills of sand, pail and shovel in hand

I breathe and take note of my thoughts
Do I not want to grow up or am I just longing for the careless
ooh that song! I increase the volume and continue my perambulation
A smell wafts from an overhead balcony, it takes me to Elm Street, my mother’s house

I am standing now on that balcony laughing, bobbing head to music
Comments made sends my body into a writhing laughter of dance
Lifting my libation, journaling the joy of my guests

My heart fails me for a moment as I look downward to regain composure
breath now impending, eyes blinking to dam the onslaught
“pick a better dance” I say to the wayfaring me
Deep breath, “Onward!”

There I am again, sitting around a beach fire telling stories of the road
The roads travelled together and apart
I am outside of the barn gazing into the flames daze in the comfort of friendship
Stick in hand, marshmallow blazing a sumptuously sticky concoction

The next track of music energizes my step, I am holding hands with my desired
There is no rest of vocal chords, all is new tho we be wrapped in years
Sharing everything coming to mind, lost in pools of forever, for a moment
Never a pretence of love and attraction, moved as I am by the couple passing by

Reaching as I am and finding most affinities, I question now my own desire
Have I not lived those lives and touched the hunger of my loneliness?
Eaten from the banquet table of life?

Yet insatiable…

Ponder the Aged


When we were young
did we need to know
Was time moving to fast
were we thinking to slow

And as we grew
Were we right to question
All the promises
Left unanswered

When we were bold
Did we charge the gate
Did we tempt the Devil
Did we repent to late

Or choose our own path
Clear-eyed and vigilant
Did we scale the walls from the inside
Were our straights heaven-sent

Now as our souls grow old
Tho our strength being renewed
Now our soles are worn
Yet our focus now imbued

I remember the times
We knew each other by name
Now our sense of loneliness
Realizes quite the same

There is a drone of discourse
As we play the self-same game
They say time is for the living
Not the injured nor the maimed

But there’s no giving up
To a heart that’s hard and steel
No repose for the jaded
It is for those who think not feel

But is there one among us
Pith never finding despair
And crawled the icy tundra of life
In search of ourselves somewhere

Of was and want…


There’s no sun out today, all the children cease to play
All the people living poor
Come tomorrow by the shore

Fairness knows no consoling delight
Striving to find one side of right
Dreams are reality, emotions are fright

Days once remembered turns to night

For to say I’m leaving and my return unsure
Would these words be pleasing?
Would either of us endure?

 Music in a corner room,  a  girl own her own
Wandering aimlessly no release
Boy heroic now shown

Find this moment asking,  No! Demanding removal of  its sorrows
Returning to the sea together
Finding sunlight in all of our tomorrows




Time and tide
Days and dazed
Time when Days on hearts cloth is woven
Tides in a daze asking for less than chosen

Following the heart
Desiring to strive
A heart following after a dream
A desire striving just to be seen

Deception is the sensation, a heart who can know it
Peering through glass opaque imagining an image not perceived

Transient, emotive reclusive extroverts
Drawn as lines in the sand
Enjoying more sunsets than people
Just doing the best we can

Names across our lips of no mind to us now
Times of goodness
a respite pillow for tomorrow’s toil
Crying out to all, returns an echo void of populous knowledge

Have I gleaned? Why?
where have you traversed?
Why can’t I?
Its nearing night, shall we go together?

Are we yet filled with convoluted gray matter?
Reflecting solidity in the rays of the sun
While we recall future memories, exacting and living past hopes
Clarity of self becomes an amalgamated variance


Where once alone we stood
now stands a multitude
Differing countenances
Craving a like reward

Within this vast consideration lies a compliment glaring
an illuminated hope
A well-traveled road forgotten
A path of fruition

Asking now, myself
What voyage have you taken?
Have I not traveled with you?
Who have you chosen to befit?

Silt and soot now removed
considering the burgeoning election
Mind no longer tossed to and fro as waves
Mindful of urgency and delay

Questions posed and pondered
Answered moment by moment, day by day
Momentary affirmations
The journey today has new meaning