Sheltered from the Norm


I dream of blue turtles and summer days
Consumed in the stifling coolness of life

I see the dire shadows and read of the imminent doom
And see the want in the eyes of all about me

They are hiding, hiding for fear
Standing out of sheer existence, not understanding their time

Praising entities, Crying freedom, Deeming life
Feeling actualized, never realizing who

Where we are is not who…
Beauty does not define…
Stillness can be sublime, though not enough to sustain

Moments will pass and meld into days
Again I will find you hiding from the sun

Wind is always change
Willows will always point the way
The rock will erode with the cliffs

Welcome all light, swim with me in the aestas oceans of life

discerning the hour


Billows of Bellows

Row after row of large ocean waves at Cannon Beach in Oregon, USA.

Hearken unto me, as you would the calling sea
I become as the swell, washing away and becoming again
It is the flow that ebbs and draws and sounds the call to solace
As I am reaching to you, as I am calling to you
Recalling the words that I now speak the wind
Knowing no heart of peace and see not whence you come
Nor whither I remain
For time is never and days are ever
My way is not
As I am all that I have returned
hear me!

Est et sumus


Far beyond worlds wisdom
Reaching, touching, feeling days of ancient lucre

Upon an island, remaining in jest
alone together, oceans apart

Arid rainfalls, waters wet course
The sun leaves the day

Sadness of joy, tainted measures
Coffers filled with blooms of spring

Art is your hand, music abounds
Dancing as one in splendor

Seeking now found; a word, a smile
This earth, nothing richer

Effect the butterfly, the moon and tides
Enigma explained in us

An Unbridled Gift

light hands 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.knowledgehi.com_12

I have died, yet I live

Walking in power and wonder

I am Poor, but still I give

In response are answers of thunder

On this day, we were meant to meet

Upon this small tract of  land

And tho we part, it was meant for each

A fulness not meant for a hand

Taking it with us, we must pass it on

We bobble and juggle its brilliance

And give it to another, it is now their dawn

Received with all required diligence

Tho it may seem small and unworthy at first,

And the burden seems to make one weak

You will soon understand, it quenches your thirst

It bestows strength, in all that you seek

You may cast it aside for a rainy day,

Albeit  yours you can share it at will

But you wait to use it, and hopefully someday you may

It is love, and it’s in you still

Love Never Lost


I call to her, as she runs through my mind

She slows briefly as my words carry through the winds of her day

she continues on

We pass and divulge our secrets in a glance

A touch and eternity

Absence, the energy preserves passion

Together the currents electric

Searching daze, beseeching omniscience

unraveling mystery to understand this desire

Away so long, though present always

I know you, you know me

Waking the morning you beckon the day

A kiss to my brow,  anticipating your movements

Far I have gone, forever I stay

Alive in Love, even in dream

What is man? part 4


What is man, if not the sum of his fears? Man’s greatest fear is that he will not attain to that internal beckoning which stirs him daily.

As man peers down the long awaiting road, his mind begins to question. Is this my path? Is this who I am or what i really want? And when the road splits, curves and climbs he asks is this the direction i should take? If there is an obstacle, should i go over it or around it or just move it? And once man has navigated through his road, will there be another to follow the route traversed? Need he clear the way for others, or provide a map of his journey?


Man looks at the end from the beginning, and though he may see the difficulties, uncertainties and possible demise of his goal he steps forward into the unknown. His fear is brought about by the unknown variables. Not only what lies before him, but how he will manage it.This ultimately leads  to uncertainty and a mindset that subverts his confidence and thus interrupts his journey.

He may hide away in any manner of disruptive and destructive behaviors. He may shrink to stop along the way, something  easy and asks very little of him. Man may seek companionship that doesn’t challenge his intellect or passions, nor stimulate the dormant yet impelling call to move forth.

As man moves through his day-to-day, he fulfills a routine. Here he has control, here he is the king of his regarded fortune. He may exist in this position in a state of pseudo-satisfaction for a great length of time. But within him is a longing , desiring liberation.

Here man is a volcano. Lying idle for years and years until the ground becomes a prison to his breath. And though the forthcoming eruption is hot and can produce a seemingly uninhabitable situation, a new landscape is created along with new flora and summoned fauna. New growth!



Man seeks to create. If not with his hands, then with his head. If the head is not in it, he draws from his heart each day. A  fresh clean sheet of paper and expects to produce something of worth. Man fears being alone. Although alone he seeks at various times throughout his journey,  This is so that he may converse with the neglected intrinsic nature of who he is and instruct or direct who he is becoming.

This speaks to all I have covered in this series. “Choices” was the last topic discussed,  “Fears” have followed because choices are made regardless of the fear. A choice will always be made and even after the choice, there may, can and probably will be fear as man goes about his resolution.

Man’s fears are greater than the unknown and the difficulty of his travels, there is also the unfulfilled, the incomplete, the content and the uninspired. Yet fear does produce some good. It can keep man mindful to the world and the people around him, reminding him that “Time waits for no man!”.

I will leave  you for now with a quote from Marianne Williamson, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people wont feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

Better to climb together!

k8110573[1]I stood on the mountaintop, so majestic and high; “I’ve made it!,  i’ve made it!”, I said with a sigh

Peering o’er the side, Oh the heights that I had climbed; a feeling of accomplishment followed the pride now imbibed

The sight of the clouds now passing my brow, The mist on my skin rejoiced, “You made it somehow!”

Then looking yet higher as if to proceed, a quizzical query did vex me indeed

Above the toil yet now all alone; sharing this joy with no one, what seeds have I sown?

Looking down once more and declaring, “This is not the end!”; Returning from the summit to begin the journey again

Halfway down the mount, I joined once more the fray; it was even harder this time, much to my dismay

Now questioning the decision of renouncing my coveted “throne”;noticing the hearts wandering lost, frightened and unknown


Tho displeased with giving up so much, I let go of the rest; to plant seeds for others needs, now realizing as one we are best

Now I’m back at base camp, gazing at the peak so high; I begin the arduous climb from the ground, with many by my side

We’ll anchor to the cliff side, and drop a safety line; This time we’ll do it together, this time it’s not only mine

Each day may bring more hardship, as we strengthen each other’s resolve; Each effort is yet more critical, learning around me the earth doesn’t revolve

I set out to be on top, to look down to where i’ve been; but now it means more to my existence, as it will in the end

So as you’re scaling your mountain, and there’s no one else around; return to where you came from, find the Love, it’s all around!