“The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked: who can know it?”



Psalm 12

Wuji Seshat


Help, Lord; for the godly has ceased in me;
For the faithful frail part of me has died
And this world’s corruption eats at my Will
My Will to Love, my tongue that’s silent
Our lips are our own: but where is my Divinity?
It does not reach for the stars
But is hidden in the shadow of my errors
I am oppressed by myself, my bad habits
And while I sigh for the needy, I am powerless
To help, to redeem this fate
The Words of the Lord of Love are pure
But purified now I am not, I am lost
Help, Lord; for the humble and the meek
Need a new kind of energy, strength, hope
When the vilest men are exalted, the most compassionate
Suffer the unbearable isolation of poverty
How long wilt thou forget me, Lord of Love?
How long wilt thou hide thy face from…

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Psalm 13


Wuji Seshat


There are days and years when we are all Fools
Believing in ourselves more than the Universe
The fool hath said in this heart, There is no God.
He seeks profit not for God’s work
But takes from the system that enslave the weak
The Lord of Love at times seems to abandon
The Kingdoms of Men, knowing the outcome
Before the appointed time of Divine judgement
There are days and years when I forgot
To take refuge in Nature’s quantum counsel
To connect to the cosmos like invisible thought
From the heart where resides our own perfect Light
But though the Lord is our refuge, we are fated
To witness abominations, and walk a long weary road
Before any warm breath of Salvation
The Chosen people are those who endure
With a quiet tenderness, in spite of all suffering
For to be righteous is not to be seen by…

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…And A Child Shall Lead Them


Through the mind of a child we see hope and wonder
Through their eyes we see beauty and awe
Their ears show us they are learning about their world
Through their olfactory we see their sense of home
Through the mouth of a child we hear them mature and question
And their arms shows us what they reach for
The legs of a child exhibits the path they have chosen
And their feet reveals their determination
Through the love of a child we understand why we are here
Oh, to be child-like in splendor and discovery will our days be complete

Every Battle…Before it begins…


Smoke, dust and blood cloud the twilight
Recovering the dead of another day
Creating strategy for tomorrow
If I should live attack is imminent

I plot the position of the enemy
Seeking the access points
Holding sites, escape routes
Terrain is mountainous, treacherous like the enemy

I glean lessons from the days victories and losses
Understanding not only myself, but what I wage against
Fearless and faceless, reflections of a million souls
I, then; I myself; I, you against only a reflection

Contingencies in effect, Beta on ready
I again, in unrelenting thirst and spiritual resignation
Call to arms the dawn in like colors
Shedding the hues of my brothers’ canvassed terra firma

Every moment resembles this, my days have known no other
Every strategy accounts for loss
Each foray plots course through mine fields
Today is no different